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Who are You? ... Images of Hyde Co. NC Wills and Estates 1764 to 1818 ... #genealogy ....#northcarolinapioneers

Who Are You?
By Jeannette Holland Austin
Jeannette Holland Austin

So many answers are at our disposal now! Freedom is a precious heritage won by our Ancestors! But do we really know who we are? To learn some answers about ourselves we must look into the past, into the lives of those who brought us here. Discovering ancestors is not only fun, but surprising. The lineage doubles every generation (into the past), which makes for an unlimited resource of ancestors who were part of the histories which we study today. For example, it is easy to trace the lineage back to a Revolutionary War Soldier. Gosh! The pension itself is loaded with information about the battles they fought and famous officers they served with. You just don't know how this goes, until you read the pension. Then, there are the Civil War Pensions. Of course, the old wills, estates, deeds, tax digests really open the puzzle to a wonderfully new perspective. The old script used is beautifully executed with a quill and india ink. Some of these documents are simply worth framing! The census records are not enough. To find ancestors, one must also research county records where your ancestors resided or where you thought they were. This is a must! For one thing, the records, such as wills, estates, marriages, inventories, sales, guardian ships will provide names of heirs. Additionally, the tiny details which lead to the next source. For example, in the estate of Henry Holland of Jasper County, an Annual Return made by the administrator revealed a letter sent to Holland, Virginia. From there, it was easy to find this place as the family seat. Another resource are receipts from heirs sometimes found in the estates, including husbands of the daughters. Of course, if you look in the marriage records, that is where the marriage was recorded with the name and full date of the record. The 8 genealogy websites contain county records easy to view online! First, become a member, then view/print/download your ancestor's old will or estate. It is really cool!

Images of Hyde County Wills and Estates 1764 to 1818, Vols. 1, 2, 3 

Abrams, John | Adams, William |Alderson, Levy |Allen, Jason | Allen, John |Arthur, James |Bailey, Bethnell |Bailey, Davis | Bailey, Henry |Bailey, James |Bailey, Joshua |Bailey, Thomas | Balchelder, James |Baron, Ann |Barron, George |Barron, William | Barron, Zachariah | Beachey, William |Bell, Abram |Bell, Ebenezer | Bell, George |Bell, Joshua |Bell, Watson |Bell, William |Blount, Lewis |Boomer, William |Botson, Mary |Boyd, Robert | Brooks, Stephen |Bull, William |Burgess, Malicka | Burks, William |Caffey, William |Caldwell, Joseph |Campbell, William |Capps, James |Carrowan, John |Carson, Ann |Chambers, Ezekiel | Chambers, John |Clark, Ann |Clark, Major | Clausen, Thomas | Cleaver, James |Cleaves, James |Cleaves, John |Cochran, William |Collins, Henry |Commer, Jacob | Commer, Jacob (2) | Cording, William |Cording, William (2) |Cox, Jesse |Cox, Joseph |Cox, William | Culbert, Peter | Daily, Thomas | Daily, William | Davidson, Hannah | Davids, Sophia | Davis, Davis | Davis, Duncan | Davis, Elizabeth | Davis, John | Davis, Samuel | Davis, Samuel | Davis, William | Davis, William (2) |Dawson, Philinda | Dixon, John | Donnelly, Henry | Duke, George | Durden, Jacob | Easton, Davis | Easton, Harris | Easton, John | Easton, Thomas | Ebom, Enoch | Ebom, John | Ebom, Samuel | Eborn, Rebeccah | Eborne, Aaron | Ebon, Edward | Ellis, Benjamin | Ellison, Thomas | Elsbre, John | Emmory, Steven |Ensley, John |Ester, William | Ethridge, John |Ethridge, Samuel |Farrow, John |Fisher, Robinson |Foreman, Benjamin |Foreman, Joseph |Foreman, Martin |Forman, Caleb |Forman, Caleb (2)|Forman, Joshua |Forman, Lazarus | Forman, Lazarus (2) |Galloway, Abraham |Gaskin, Ann |Gaylord, John |Gaylord, Rosanah |Gaylord, Thomas |Gaylord, Winsfield | Gibbs, Benjamin |Gibbs, Elizabeth |Gibbs, Joseph |Gibbs, Robert | Gibbs, Robert(2) |Gibbs, Selby |Gibbs, Thomas |Gibbs, William | Gibbs, William (2) |Glade, Agness |Green, Davis |Hall, James | Hall, John |Harris, John |Harris, J. W. |Hamis, Peter | Handison, Isaac | Harris, Sarah | Harris, William | Harris, William (2) | Harvey, Nathan | Havey, Margaret | Henderson, John | Henry, Hugh | Henry, Robert | Henry, Seth | Horsey, Peter | Howard, William | Hussey, Henry | Hussey, Mary | Inlowe, Mary | James, Henry | Jarvis, Agnes | Jarvis, Davis | Jarvis, Jesse | Jarvis, Josiah | Jasper, Jonathan | Jennett, Joseph | Jones, Abraham | Jones, Bartholomew | Jarvis, Agnes | Jarvis, Davis | Jarvis, Jesse | Jarvis, Josiah | Jasper, Elizabeth | Jasper, Jonathan | Jennett, Joseph | Jolley, Phillip | Jones, Abraham | Jones, Bartholomew | Jones, Morris | Jordan, Dinah | Jordan, Richard | Jurganns, Jonathan | Kipps, Seth | Lacy, Parker | Latham, Sarah | Mallison, Gordon | Mallison, John | Mann, Thomas | Martin, Benjamin | Mason, Agnes | Mason, James | Mason, John | Mason, Malicha | Mason, Mary | Mason, Thomas | McCarty, Archibald | McElwain, Edward | Midget, Christopher | Miller, Frederick | Moore, William | Mordeck, Benjamin | Mordick, Lewis | Morris, Thomas | Mullison, William | Murray, Daniel | Murray, Timothy Neal, Benjamin | O'Neal, William | Parmella, William | Pearl, Charles | Porter, William | Reeves, Edward | Russell, Benjamin | Selby, John | Selby, Nathan | Selby, Tolbert | Slade, Ann | Slade, Benjamin | Slade, Hannah | Slade, Hezekiah | Smith, James | Smith, John | Smith, L. | Smith, Margaret | Smith, Mary | Southside, Jonathan | Spencer, Edward | Spencer, John | Spencer, John (2) | Spencer, Nathan | Spencer, Nathan (2) | Spencer, William | Spring, Moses | Swindall, Caleb | Swindell, Isaac | Swindell, Isaiah | Swindell, Joel | Swindell, Josiah | Swindell, Zedekiah | Tyson, Aaron | Tyson, Aron | Walls, Joshua | Warner, James | Watson, William | Webster, James | Webster, John | Webster, William | White, Caleb | Whithand, Nathan | Wilkins, John | Wilkins, Patrick | Wilkinson, Isaac | Wilkinson, Isaiah | Wilkinson, James | Wilkinson, Sarah | Wilkinson, William | Wilkins, Thomas | Wilkins, Thomas (2) | Windfield, John | Windley, Maybell | Windley, Thomas | Winfield, Richard Winfield, Robert | Wormington, Samuel | Wright, James | Wright, Thomas | Wright, William 

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