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When Blackbeard was in Beaufort - Beaufort Co. NC Wills, Estates 1720 to 1775 #genealogy

Blackbeard in Beaufort
By Jeannette Holland Austin

William TeachWhen Spain threatened the colonists from St. Augustine, Florida (about 1740), pirates pilfered the shores of the Atlantic ocean. One in particular was William Teach, known as "Blackbeard." Teach was born ca 1668 in Bristol, England and died on 22 November 1718 on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. He was seen in the Carolina ports of Beaufort and Charleston. He was captain of the vessel "Queen Anne's Revenge." When he sailed into Charleston South Carolina during May of 1718, he blockaded the harbor and plundered nine ships. Also, he took prisoners and demanded that the city provide him with medical supplies. When they agreed, he sent a party ashore. When his men returned with the supplies, Teach released his prisoners. While in Charleston, Teach learned that Woodes Rogers had orders to rid the Caribbean of its pirates. So he sailed north for the Beaufort Inlet of North Carolina, called "Topsail". Upon reaching the inlet, Queen Anne's Revenge struck a sandbar and was badly damaged. In the process of attempting to save that vessel, the ship, Adventure was also lost. He then captured a Spanish sloop and made his path through the inlet. One of Bonnet's men later testified that Teach intentionally ran Queen Anne's Revenge aground. About that time, a royal pardon was offered to all pirates who would surrender before September 5th of that year. But it was for crimes committed before January 5th. His actions in Charleston were still up for grabs. Teach sent William Bonnet to Bath, North Carolina to test it. Bonnet was pardoned and planned to return to Topsail to collectRevenge before sailing for St. Thomas. When he arrived, Teach was gone. 

Beaufort County Genealogy, Wills and Estates

map of Beaufort, NCIndians were in the territory by the 1650s, two Indian tribes, the Secotan Confederation and the Pomouik Nation (called Pamlico). The first white settlers were traders who resided along the Pamlico River, some of whom took Indian wives and learned the language. The area was named Pamtecough County in 1705. The name was changed in 1712. The town of Bath was the first county seat. 

Beaufort County Wills and other County Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers. 

Miscellaneous Wills
  • Williams, Thomas, LWT dated 1793
Images of Beaufort County Wills 1720 to 1775
  • Abbott, William
  • Adams, Anna
  • Adams, James
  • Adams, John
  • Alderson, John
  • Allen, Timothy
  • Becton, Richard
  • Belote, Hillery
  • Bright, John
  • Bright, Richard
  • Buckingham, Stephen
  • Campain, Joseph
  • Campen, Joram
  • Cannon, Sarah
  • Chauncy, Walley
  • Clement, Thomas
  • Conlanike, Michael
  • Conner, Phillip
  • Cooper, Daniel
  • Coyler, Cornelius
  • Crawford, Ann
  • Crawford, Charles
  • Davis, Jhan
  • Delvent, John
  • Doe, Edward
  • Eckols, John
  • Evitts, Walter
  • Flannikin, James
  • Floyd, Griffin
  • Forman, Willis
  • Fortner, James
  • Fripp, John
  • Fulinton, Andrew
  • Harfoot, Robert
  • Harrison, Thomas
  • Herinton, James
  • Hollon, Richard
  • Horton, Jesse Sr.
  • Jacken, David
  • Jackson, John
  • Jasper, John
  • Jewell, Thomas
  • Jones, Josias
  • Jones, Walter
  • Jordan, John
  • Joyner, Israel
  • Keech, John
  • Kelley, Matthew
  • Leigh, James
  • Lewis, Griffith
  • Lockey, Cele
  • Mays, William
  • McKeel, Thomas
  • McMath, Robert
  • McNaire, Charles
  • Mills, John Sr.
  • Newton, Francis
  • Odean, Charles
  • Odean, Elizabeth
  • Odean, John
  • Palmer, John
  • Pearce, Edmond
  • Perkins, James
  • Peyton, Benjamin
  • Peyton, Eleanor
  • Phillips, William
  • Pindar, William
  • Pritchett, James
  • Pritchett, Peter
  • Rigney, Hanah
  • Rigney, James
  • Roe, Sarah
  • Shute, Phillip
  • Slade, James
  • Slade, Joseph
  • Smith, Charles
  • Squire, John
  • Taylor, Samuel
  • Tindel, John
  • Tripp, John
  • Underwood, Thomas
  • Wall, James
  • Wallis, Jonathan
  • Welch, Mathew
  • Whitehurst, Josias
  • Williams, Thomas

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