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Yadkin Co. NC Genealogies and Histories #northcarolinapioneers

Images of Yadkin County, North Carolina Wills and Estates for Family Tree Researchers

Yadkin County

The county was formed in 1850 from that part of Surry County south of the Yadkin River, for which it was named.

Images of Wills and Estates 1851 to 1902 


Adams, Daniel J. Adams, George Adkins, Horatio Baldwin, A. T. Benbow, Evan Benham, E. A. Brown, Ellen Brown, Henry Brown, Jacob Chapman, Allen Claywell, J. S. Colvard, B. G. Daub, H. N. Dickerson, Alfonso Felts, Harrison Fleming, David Fleming, Elizabeth Fleming, F. Fleming, Henry W. Glen, Elizabeth Gails Greer, David Hall, Alexander Hampton, Alford Harding, B. Harrison, A. Hellmund, Bell Henderson, Bennett Hobson, David Holcomb, Anna Hoots, Daniel Houser, Adam Hutchins, Alexander Sr. Johnson, A. J. Lynch, Elizabeth Martin, Aaron Norman, David W. North, Ann Parker, George Perry, J. J. Perry, J. J. Reavis, Charles Reece, Abraham Reece, Alvis Reinhardt, Christian Robinson, Harvey Rose, Elizabeth Rowland, A. Skidmore, Alexander Sparks, Benjamin Speer, Aquila Stallings, Alexander Stedman, Charles Steelman, George Streetman, Dora A. Swain, Franklin Tomlin, A. N. Vankey, Clayton Vestal, Alexander Vestal, Gina Wade, C. B. Wade, Gholson Wagoner, Catharine Hall, Martha C. Wilkins, George Williams, Isaac Wilson, Conrad Windsor, Elisha A. Woodruff, Allen 

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