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Images of Rockingham County NC Wills and Estates #genealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Rockingham County Wills and Estates

Richardson House, Reidsville

Rockingham county was created in 1785 from Guilford County. It was named for Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, British Prime Minister from 1765 to 1766 and again in 1782. During the War Between the States the Searcy and Moore Gun Factory, which was located at Hogans Creek, a small village northwest of Greensboro, supplied weapons to the Confederacy. These rifles were known as the North Carolina Rifles The county seat is Wentworth.

Images of Rockingham County Wills 1804 to 1829 available to members of North Carolina Pioneers 
Actor, Andrew |Adams, George |Aldridge, John |Allen, Pattrice |Allen, Valentine |Anderson, John |Andrew, George |Armstrong, John |Atkinson, John |Averton, Ann |Bailey, Abner |Barber, William |Bateman, James |Bates, Samuel |Bethell, William |Betton, James |Black, Elizabeth |Boak, John |Boak, Robert |Boyd, Andrew |Brasher, Asa |Brasher, Jemima |Broades, Michael |Brown, Alexander |Burk, John |Calland, Booker |Carter, Daniel |Chadwell, William |Charters, Charles |Claybrook, Josiah |Coffey, Michael |Conner, Thomas |Covington, John |Cubbins, John |Cunningham, John |Davidson, John |Deatherage, Bird |Denny, Walter |Diamond, Margret |Dilworth, Benjamin |Dilworth, George |Dillworth, John |Dodson, Alsey |Doherty, Samuel |Ellington, Daniel |Fielder, Samuel |Grant, Asa |Griffith, Joseph |Griffith, Zadoc |Guerin, Nathan |Harden, Peter |Hardin, Thomas |Harris, Daniel |Harrison, William |Heather, William |Henderson, Richard |Henderson, Thomas |Hermon, Henry |Herron, John |Herron, Stephen |Hodges, Charles |Hopper, Joseph |Hunter, James |Jarrell, Joshua |Johns, Ezekiel |Johnson, Gideon |Johnson, Gideon Sr. |Johnston, John |Jones, William |King, Lery |King, Thomas |King, Thomas |Kingston, Richard |Lanier, Sampson |Larkin, Thomas |Leachman, John |Leak, Francis |Lee, John Willeby |Lee, Willoughby |Lemons, Joseph |Lillard, Moses |Linch, Hugh |Little, John |Long, Prisse |Lowe, Isaac |Luitz, Adam |Lynn, Jackson |Martin, Alexander |Martin, Andrew |Martin, David |Martin, Isabel |Martin, Robert |Martin, Walter |Massey, Thomas |McClain, Joseph |McKey, John |Means, Robert |Menzies, John |Mills, Sarah |Missarp, William |Moore, Barnett |Moore, Charles |Moore, John |Moore, Samuel |Moore, Sarah |Moore, Thomas |Mullins, Thomas |Murphey, Miles |Nelson, Agnes |Nickels, John |North, Thomas |Patterson, Turner |Patrick, Mary |Perkins, Constant |Powell, Edward |Pratt, Agnes |Ray, James |Read, John |Reagan, John |Rice, Rebecah |Richardson, Edward |Roberts, Chastain |Roberts, Mary |Roberts, Nancy |Roberts, Thomas |Robertson, Mark |Rose, Thomas |Saunders, Susannah |Scales, Henry |Scales, Mary |Scales, Nathaniel |Scales, Pleasant |Scales, Thomas |Sharp, Henry |Short, Moses |Short, William |Smith, Drury |Smith, Gordon |Smith, Mary |Stamps, Joseph |Strong, John Sr. |Stubblefield, Carter |Stubblefield, Hugh |Tatum, Peter |Thomas, John |Thomas, Michael |Tomlin, Elizabeth |Tucker, Daniel |Van Landingham, Richard |Wafford, John |Wafford, John |Walker, John |Walker, John |Walker, Mary |Wall, Zachariah |Wardlow, Patrick |Watkins, Archibald |Whitsett, John |Whitworth, John |Williams, Mary |Woodward, Samuel |Wordlor, Patrick

Miscellaneous Wills
  • Lowe, Isaac, transcript of LWT (1806)

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