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Images of Wilkes Co. NC Wills and Estates #genealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Wilkes County Genealogy Records

Wilkes CountyGenealogy Records Available to Members
  • 1833 Wilkesboro, North Carolina Map
  • Price-Strother Map Map
  • Miscellaneous List of Records 1775 to 1946 in North Carolina State Archives
  • List of Wills 1778 to 1970
The county was formed in 1777 from parts of Surry County and Washington District (now Washington County, Tennessee). It was named for the English political radical John Wilkes, who lost his position as Lord Mayor of the City of London due to his support for the colonists during the American Revolution. During the year of 1799 the northern and western parts of Wilkes County became Ashe County. In 1841 parts of Wilkes County and Burke County were combined to form Caldwell County. In 1847 another part of Wilkes County was combined with parts of Caldwell County and Iredell County to become Alexander County. In 1849 additional parts of Wilkes County and Caldwell County were combined with parts of Ashe County and Yancey County to form Watauga County. The county seat is Wilkesboro.

Images of Wilkes County Wills and Estates 1778 to 1799 

Names of Testators:

  1. Alexander, Dolley
  2. Alexander, Jesse
  3. Bagby, John
  4. Baldwin, Elisha
  5. Baldwin, John
  6. Barnes, John
  7. Brown, Gabriel
  8. Brown, George
  9. Brown, James
  10. Brown, John
  11. Clayton, Henry
  12. Cleveland, Benjamin
  13. Coffee, Joel
  14. Cornelius, Mary
  15. Downey, James
  16. Dodson, John
  17. Dyer, Elisha
  18. Edmonton, James
  19. Fletcher, James
  20. Foster, John
  21. Freeman, James
  22. Garrison, Isaac
  23. Green, Ann
  24. Glover, Benjamin
  25. Gordon, Charles
  26. Gray, John
  27. Green, Joshua
  28. Grier, John
  29. Hardgrave, Francis
  30. Henderson, Joseph
  31. Herndon, Benjamin
  32. Hesling, Carlton
  33. Isbell, Francis
  34. James, Charles
  35. Jennings, John
  36. Johnson, Jeffrey
  37. Jones, Edmund
  38. King, Charles
  39. Lewis, Benjamin
  40. Lindsey, John
  41. Malone, George
  42. Martin, Benjamin
  43. Mayes, James
  44. McDaniels, Daniel
  45. McKenzie, Kenneth
  46. McNeil, George
  47. Parker, John
  48. Parks, John
  49. Pate, Anthony
  50. Redman, Benjamin
  51. Rhodes, John
  52. Roberts, Elizabeth
  53. Robinson, Jesse
  54. Rose, Emmanuel
  55. Rowe, James
  56. Sails, Elijah
  57. Scott, Hugh
  58. Shepherd, James
  59. Smith, Hugh
  60. Stalling, Leonard
  61. Stampers, Jonathan
  62. Standley, Elizabeth
  63. Sutton, John
  64. Teague, Magnus
  65. Witherspoon, David
  66. Witherspoon, John

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