Thursday, December 15, 2016

Harper House During the War #history #genealogy #northcarolinapioneers

The Harper House in War

Harper HouseThe Harper House was built in 1850 near Newton Grove, North Carolina. The home of Amy and John Harper was used as a field hospital during the War Between the States. It mostly accommodated Union soldiers, although some Confederates were also treated there. A colonel from the 9th Ohio Cavalry recorded his memory of the bloody and gruesome battle as follows: "A dozen surgeons and attendants in their shirtsleeves stood at rude benches cutting off arms and legs and throwing them out of the windows, there they lay scattered on the grass. The legs of infantrymen would be distinguished from those of the cavalry by the side of their calves, as the march of 1,000 miles had increased the size of one and diminished the size of the other." More resources for North Carolina Genealogy 

Source: The Smithsonian, Guide to America, Text by Patricia L. Hudson and Sandra L. Ballard; special photography by Jonathan Wallen.

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