Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Madison Iron Works in Lincoln Co NC #northcarolinapioneers #geneaogy

Madison Iron FurnaceVesuvius Furnace and Tirza Force Iron Works
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Pictured is the Madison Iron Furnace of Lincoln County, built ca 1809. John Davidson come to Lincoln County from Pennsylvania and was appointed by the Provincial Congress which met at Halifax on the 4th day of April 1776. He was a field officer (Major) at the time. Later on, he served as a General in the North Carolina State Militia when he fought with General Sumpter in August of 1780 during the battle of the Hanging Rock. After the war, John Davidson established the Vesuvius Furnace and Tirza Forge Iron Works in Lincoln County. His residence was located about one mile east of Toole's Ford on the Catawba river where he planted an Elm tree in front of the old family mansion.

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