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Your "Real" Story - Granville Co. NC Wills and Estates 1749 to 1771 - These went unrecorded - #genealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Your Real Story 
By Jeannette Holland Austin Jeannette Holland AustinProfile

Tracing ancestors is more than just charts of names. And it is not a picture of a leaf, or tree, but rather real people who existed. Many people trace their ancestry to patriots of the American Revolution and to the first Colonists to America. But there is one thing certain: somewhere, someone immigrated to this country and began writing the story of their lives. It all begins in county records, where the first land grant was acquired or deed filed of record. Then taxes were paid and recorded on tax digests. Sons and daughters were given in marriage and these certificates filed. Later on, people died, leaving estates to be dealt with. Wills, inventories, sales, receipts and annual returns surrounded this process, all filed in the county court house.

Ordinary doing business in a TavernOftentimes, business was conducted in a Tavern.

It is where the genealogist begins to unravel the details of a story somewhat inconsistent with family legends and tales. It is the truth. In essence, it is a gift bequeathed to all of the heirs going forward. By that, I mean that the eyes of your descendants will have privy to the information hundreds of years into the future. For this reason, it is also your story. Perhaps now is a good time to discover the details of the dreams of your ancestor, the love which he bore his children, and the heritage bequeathed to you. 

Planting the Crop and Soldiering During the Revolutionary War 
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Among those who enlisted in the Revolutionary War for 3-month periods was Elisha Dyer. During planting and harvesting, it was necessary to return home. Dyer first enlisted in 1778 when he was sixteen years old and went to Brier Creek where he skirmished with the British at Stono, South Carolina. He re-entered the war about two weeks before the defeat of Gates near Camden (1780). His father sent Jesse Gaskins to serve out his tour as "it was the sickly season". The following year he entered the North Carolina Miitia and participated in the battle of Guilford. Entered the war again at Hillsboro under Capt. Frederick Dubois from Caswell County during 1782 and was stationed as guard to the Legislature then sitting. Altogether, this soldier served twelve months. 

Granville County Wills and Estates

Granville MapGranville County was form in 1746 from Edgecombe County and was named after John Carteret, the second Earl Granville, an heir to one of the eight original Lord Proprietors of the Province of North Carolina claimed in the charter of 1665. In 1752 parts of Granville County, Bladen County, and Johnston County were combined to form Orange County. In 1764 the eastern part of Granville County became Bute County. Finally, in 1881 parts of Granville County, Franklin County, and Warren County were combined to form Vance County.

Granville County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers 

Miscellaneous Wills
  • Abstracts of Granville County Wills 1707 to 1760
Digital Images of Loose (unrecorded) Wills 1749 to 1771

Testators: Anderson, George | Arendell, Richard | Bell, Thomas | Benson, Thomas | Bledsoe, Abraham | Bradford, Richard | Bridger, William | Bullock, David | Cooper, Benjamin | Daniel, John | Draughton, Robert | Elwick, Darwin | Fowler, Richard | Goodloe, John | Griggs, Minor | Hargrave, Richard | Harris, Sherwood | Hicks, Absalom | Hightower, Joshua | Holmes, Frederick | Howard, Alexander | Hunt, Henry | Jones, Edward | Jordan, George Sr. | Jordin, Sarah | Langston, Solomon | Linsey, Dennis | McMillan, Alexander | Mershaw, John | Miers, Mathias | Mitchell, Robert | Moore, William | Moss, William | Olliver, William | Parlic, Benjamin | Patterson, Francis | Person, Mary | Phipps, Isaiah | Priddey, Robert | Priddy, Robert | Rieves, William | Robeson, George | Rose, William | Shearon, Joseph | Smith, John | Spivey, Littleton | Taylor, Philip | Veazey, Edward | Wallace, John | White, Richard Sr. | Williams, Daniel | Williams, Thomas | Wilson, Ebenezer | Winston, Isaac | Wood, John | Wright, Joseph 

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