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Images of Person Co. NC Wills, Estates, Inventories, Tax Digests - #genealogy - #northcarolinapioneers

North Carolina Pioneers

Person County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Administrations, Tax Digests

Oakland Plantation
Person County was first part of Edgecombe County in 1746. Later it was part of Granville, Orange and Caswell Counties. Person County was named after Brigadier General Thomas Person, a Revolutionary War patriot, who was later a trustee of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The county was settled primarily during the 17th century by persons from Scotland, Ireland, England, France (Huguenots) and persons of German origin. Another famous person, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Moore, Deputy Quartermaster General of the Hillsborough district, also served during the Revolutionary War as the commander of the Person County troops during the Battle of Camden; later taken prisoner and put onboard the prison ship Torbay. His home known as Mt. Tirzah was built ca 1778 and remains upon its original site.

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Indexes to Wills and Estates
  • 1792 to 1797
  • 1801 to 1805
Tax Returns by District 1794
  • Lawson District
  • St. James District
  • St. Lawrence District
  • Capt. St. Lawrence
  • Capt. St. Luke
  • James District
  • Capt. Gabriel Gunn
  • Capt. Lawson
  • Nash District
  • Capt. Daniels
  • Capt. Elijah Daniels
  • Capt. Day
  • Capt. Gunn
  • Capt. Lawson
  • Capt. Witherson
  • Capt. Atkinson
  • Capt. Henry Day
  • Capt. Daniels
  • Capt. Jones
  • Capt. William Lee
  • Capt. Long
  • Capt. Malery
  • Capt. Sargent
  • Capt. Sargent
  • Capt. Morrow
  • Capt. Street
  • Capt. Atkinson
  • Capt. Day
  • Capt. Hubbard
  • Capt. Malone
  • Capt. Paine
  • Capt. Sargent
  • Capt. Street
Images of Person County Wills and Estates 1792 to 1797

Atkinson, John Barnett, Hugh Black, Thomas Cochran, James Cole, Thomas Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman,Elizabeth, estate sale Cooper, Elizabeth Davey, Gabriel Davy, James Douglass, Benjamin Douglass, John Duncan, Mary, Estate Sale Duncan, William Glenn, William Hall, John Hamlet, James Jameson, William Lawrence, Phillip Lewis, Edmund McNeil, John McNeil, John (2) Moore, Stephen Moore, Stephen(2) Moore, Stephen (3) Morgan, Phillip O.Neal, John Paine, John Parks, Joseph Rutherford, William Southard, George Talbert, John Taylor, Charles Thomas, Thomas Van Hook, Daniel Walker, Lyles Warren, Mary Williams, Thomas

Images of Person County Wills and Estates 1801 to 1805

Barnett, Hugh Black, Michael Chambers, Elizabeth Dickins, Robert Dickins, Robert (2) Dickson, Isaiah Dukes, Robert Fuller, John Garrett, Joseph Galloway, John Green, Major Greensborough, William Hale, Joseph Hall, Joseph Harris, Samuel Harrison, Benjamin Hatcher, Benjamin Humphries, John Jefferies, Susannah Lee, William Lewis, Edmund Lewis, Hiram McFarland, John McNeil, John McNeil, John (2) McMurray, Samuel Moore, Charles Moore, Stephen Paine, Susanne Polack, Robert Rogers, John Sanders, Margarite Sanders, Richard Satterfield, John Smith, Samuel Standfield, Thomas Stuart, James Trickey, Giles Van Hook, Isaac Warren, James Wilkinson, Thomas Williams, Gary

Images of Person County Wills and Estates 1805 to 1807

Atkinson, Edward Bailey, Nancy Bennet, Sarah Black, Robert Cole, Isaiah Cooks, David Cunningham, James Davis, Abraham Davis, Abraham, inventory of estate Dickson, Joshua Dickson, Nancy Donovan, Abraham Fowler, Benjamin Gatsby, Rachel Gold, Joseph Hall, Phillip Haralson, Paul Hatcher, Benjamin Jones, Ambrose Lawrence, John McDaniel, William McFarland, John McFarland, John (2) McFarland, Walter Minchew, Judith Moore, Stephen Moore, Stephen (2) Paine, Susannah Price, Susannah Putnam, James Rogers, John Rose, Duncan Satterfield, John Southard, John Standfield, James Stanfield, William Stuart, Marcus Van Hook, David Winston, Samuel

Person County

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