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Fleming House in Greenville, NC - Images of Pitt Co. Wills, Estates, Deeds Surveys - #genealogy - #northcarolinapioneers

Jeannette Holland AustinThe Fleming House in Greenville
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The James L. Fleming House, also known as the Fleming-Winstead House, is a historic home located at 302 South Greene St. in Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina, was built in 1901 or 1902.

James Fleming House
James Fleming House

Pitt County Images of Wills and Estates

Map of Pitt County Pitt county was formed in 1760 from Beaufort County and was named after William Pitt, the Elder, Secretary of State for the Southern Department and Leader of the House of Commons. William Pitt was an English statesman and orator, studied at Oxford University and in 1731 joined the army. Pitt led the young "Patriot" Whigs and in 1756 became Secretary of State, where he was a pro-freedom speaker in British Colonial government.

Pitt County Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Images of Wills and Settlements 1858 to 1868 Adams, James |Adams, Sarah |Albritton, Josiah |Albritton, Tabitha |Allen, Titus |Averitt, Starling |Barnhill, Hanna |Barnhill, John |Belcher, Moses |Bland, Joseph |Blount, Esther |Blount, Evelina |Blow, William |Braddy, James |Braddy, Joseph |Brantly, Henry |Braxton, Council |Brewer, Rebecca |Briley, Benjamin |Briley, Rebecca |Brown, John |Brown, Willie |Cannon, Nancy |Carney, Jenny |Causway, Elizabeth |Chapman, Jesse |Cherry, Elizabeth |Clark, James |Cobb, William |Congleton, James |Cox, Aaron |Daniel, Sydney |Davis, Alfred |Davis, James |Davis, Benjamin |Drysdale, Robert |Edmundson, James |Evans, Elizabeth |Evans, Richard |Evans, Theophilus |Flake, Mancel |Fleming, James |Fleming, William |Forbes, Robert |Frizzle, William |Fulford, Sarah |Garris, Nehemiah |Gorham, George |Graham, Elizabeth |Grimes, Bryan |Guy, Redden |Harris, Ichabod |Harris, Sally |Herrington, Joab Sr. |Highsmith, James |Holliday, Margaret |Hopkins, William |House, Sarah |Hoyt, Gool |James, H. B. |James, Joel |Jenkins, Roberson |Jordan, Henry |Jordan, Valentine |Joyner, Abram |Joyner, Aron |Joyner, Thomas |Keel, Simon |Kilpatrick, Sarah |King, Thomas |Kittrell, Jethro |Knight, Mary |Lang, Elisha |Langley, Godfrey |Laughinghouse, Joseph |Lewis, Richard |Lewis, William |Little, William |Marsh, William |May, John |May, Martha |May, Robert |May, William |Mayo, Alfred |McGowen, John |Milburn, Stephen Eagles |Mobly, Frederick |Moore, Elizabeth |Moore, Haden |Moore, Henry |Moore, Ichabod |Moore, Joseph |Nelson, Caleb |Newton, John |Parker, Jesse |Parker, John |Perkins, Churchhill |Pollard, Reddick |Pollard, William |Pugh, Lewis |Randolph, Louisa |Rogers, Shadrick |Ross, William |Slaughter, Theophilus |Smith, Elizabeth |Smith, Joshua |Spain, Charles |Spain, D. O. |Stancill, Godfrey |Stancill, Jesse |Stocks, Susan |Teal, James |Teet, Joseph |Thigpen, Littleberry |Thomas, Jesse |Tripp, Arthur |Tucker, Macon |Tugwell, Robert |Tyson. Charlotte |Tyson, Sherrod |Wiggins, Thomas |Williams, Nancy |Williamson, Charlotte |Williamson, Henry |Wilson, A. G. |Windham, Sarah |Worthington, Ruben

Census Records
  • 1790 Census
Miscellaneous Deeds and Surveys
  • Stephen Munden Survey (1760)
  • Lord Granville to John Munden (1762)
  • John Munden Land Grant (1762)
  • James Wainright Land Grant (1768)
  • John Mundin to Stephen Mundin (1772)
  • Stephen Mundin to Isaac Carril (1774)
  • Isaac Carrill to James Gordon (1780)
  • John Cason to John Moore (1780)
  • Isaac Mundine to James Spier (1781)
  • Isaac Mundin to John Harrell (1782)
  • John Mundine to James Spiers (1782)
  • Isaac and John Mundine to James Speirs (1783)
  • Isaac Mundin to John Munden (1782)
  • Isaac Mundine to William Harris (1783)
  • Abraham Dixson to James Gorham (1784)
  • Henry Cason to John Legate (1784)
  • John Cason to William Jones (1784)
  • Keziah and Edward Dixson to Abraham Dixon (1784)
  • James Wainright, assignee of Sarah Mundine (1784, 1788)
  • John Munden to Lucresey Cason (1787)
  • John Munden to John Barber Sr. (1788)
  • Lemuel James to Mathew James (1788)
  • John Munden to James Cason (1788)

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