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Rockingham Co. NC Probate Records

Rockingham County Wills and Estates

Map of Wentworth, North Carolina
Rockingham county was created in 1785 from Guilford County. It was named for Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, British Prime Minister from 1765 to 1766 and again in 1782. During the War Between the States the Searcy and Moore Gun Factory, which was located at Hogans Creek, a small village northwest of Greensboro, supplied weapons to the Confederacy. These rifles were known as the North Carolina Rifles The county seat is Wentworth.

Digital Images of Rockingham County Wills 1804 to 1829 available to members of North Carolina Pioneers
Actor, Andrew

Adams, George < li>Aldridge, John

Allen, Pattrice

Allen, Valentine

Anderson, John

Andrew, George

Armstrong, John

Atkinson, John

Averton, Ann

Bailey, Abner

Barber, William

Bateman, James

Bates, Samuel

Bethell, William

Betton, James

Black, Elizabeth

Boak, John

Boak, Robert

Boyd, Andrew

Brasher, Asa

Brasher, Jemima

Broades, Michael

Brown, Alexander

Burk, John

Calland, Booker

Carter, Daniel

Chadwell, William

Charters, Charles

Claybrook, Josiah

Coffey, Michael

Conner, Thomas

Covington, John

Cubbins, John

Cunningham, John

Davidson, John

Deatherage, Bird

Denny, Walter

Diamond, Margret

Dilworth, Benjamin

Dilworth, George

Dillworth, John

Dodson, Alsey

Doherty, Samuel

Ellington, Daniel

Fielder, Samuel

Grant, Asa

Griffith, Joseph

Griffith, Zadoc

Guerin, Nathan

Harden, Peter

Hardin, Thomas

Harris, Daniel

Harrison, William

Heather, William

Henderson, Richard

Henderson, Thomas

Hermon, Henry

Herron, John

Herron, Stephen

Hodges, Charles

Hopper, Joseph

Hunter, James

Jarrell, Joshua

Johns, Ezekiel

Johnson, Gideon

Johnson, Gideon Sr.

Johnston, John

Jones, William

King, Lery

King, Thomas

King, Thomas

Kingston, Richard

Lanier, Sampson

Larkin, Thomas

Leachman, John

Leak, Francis

Lee, John Willeby

Lee, Willoughby

Lemons, Joseph

Lillard, Moses

Linch, Hugh

Little, John

Long, Prisse

Lowe, Isaac

Luitz, Adam

Lynn, Jackson

Martin, Alexander

Martin, Andrew

Martin, David

Martin, Isabel

Martin, Robert

Martin, Walter

Massey, Thomas

McClain, Joseph

McKey, John

Means, Robert

Menzies, John

Mills, Sarah

Missarp, William

Moore, Barnett

Moore, Charles

Moore, John

Moore, Samuel

Moore, Sarah

Moore, Thomas

Mullins, Thomas

Murphey, Miles

Nelson, Agnes

Nickels, John

North, Thomas

Patterson, Turner

Patrick, Mary

Perkins, Constant

Powell, Edward

Pratt, Agnes

Ray, James

Read, John

Reagan, John

Rice, Rebecah

Richardson, Edward

Roberts, Chastain

Roberts, Mary

Roberts, Nancy

Roberts, Thomas

Robertson, Mark

Rose, Thomas

Saunders, Susannah

Scales, Henry

Scales, Mary

Scales, Nathaniel

Scales, Pleasant

Scales, Thomas

Sharp, Henry

Short, Moses

Short, William

Smith, Drury

Smith, Gordon

Smith, Mary

Stamps, Joseph

Strong, John Sr.

Stubblefield, Carter

Stubblefield, Hugh

Tatum, Peter

Thomas, John

Thomas, Michael

Tomlin, Elizabeth

Tucker, Daniel

Van Landingham, Richard

Wafford, John

Wafford, John

Walker, John

Walker, John

Walker, Mary

Wall, Zachariah

Wardlow, Patrick

Watkins, Archibald

Whitsett, John

Whitworth, John

Williams, Mary

Woodward, Samuel

Wordlor, Patrick

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