Friday, March 8, 2013

The DNA Project

There has been some questions rendered as to whether ot not the DNA Project is legitimate, that is, whether or not it truly helps find your ancestors. DNA is rather new to the spectrum. I do not recall anyone providing their DNA before they died  Thus, I do not see how a true connection can be made. You might find a genealogist who has proven lineage through the records, then take their DNA, and use that sample, however, even so, I believe that you will discover vague kinship.  The best way to trace is to examine all of the records in the counties where your ancestor resided. Then prepare a family group sheet on each family. This will identify everyone, whch will help you later on to identify the distant relationships, like cousins, and how you are related. The following article is ineresting.

"Find your Ancestors on North Carolina Pioneers"

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