Thursday, December 27, 2012

Images of old Mecklenburg Co. NC Wills 1783 to 1844

Images of Mecklenburg County Wills 1783 to 1844 on North Carolina Pioneers

Surnames O - P:
Testators: Pair, John| Parker, Thomas |Parker, Thomas (2) |Parks, David | Parks, George |Parks, Hugh |Parks, John | Parks, John (2) | Parks, Moses |Parton, James |Passer, John |Patterson, Jemima | Patterson, John |Patterson, Margaret |Patton, Charles |Patton, Prudence |Patton, Thomas |Peeples, John Peeples, John (2) | Pellison, William |Pennin, John | Penny, Elizabeth |Perkins, Elizabeth |Perkins, Nancy |Pettus, John D. |Pettus, Violet | Phifer, John |Phifer, Martin |Phillips, Jane |Phillips, Robert | Phillips, William |Pickens, William |Pickens, William (2) | Pitt, Simon Van |Polk, Charles |Polk, John |Polk, Marshall T. | Rorter, Alexander Sr. |Porter, Hugh |Porter, James |Porter, John Sr. |Porter, Ruth |Porter, William |Porter, William (2) |Porter, William Sr. |Posey, Conrad |Potts, Agness |Potts, Elizabeth | Potts, James |Potts, James (2) |Potts, John |Potts, Robert | Potts, William |Preston, James |Price, Elizabeth |Price, Esther | Price, John |Price, John (2) |Price, John (3) |Price, Mary | Price, Reese |Prichard, Daniel | Pringle, James

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