Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sherrill of Burke County

The Estate of Samuel Sherrill is dated 1677, Maryland Hall of Records, file 780214, Vol 4C, p. 26: Thomas King, administrator of Samuel Sherrill, deceased, intestate, 1677. An appraisement of the estate dated 1677 includes the accounts of Philip Lines, Capt. John Wheller, Samuell Easton, and John Boyd. Paid out to Richard Cowder (for coffin), John Blackfarr (planck for coffin), Phillip Lines, Thomas Stones, Robert Doyne, Major Ben Rozer, Thomas Hatfield, and Henry Hawskins (for trouble at house in time of sickness). /s/Thomas King, administrator 7 August 1677.
Sherrill Genealogy available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

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